Powder Coated LSx Center Bolt Valve Covers

Great looking OEM LSx center bolt valve covers powder coated any color you want. Send in your covers to be coated or purchase valve covers already coated!

Valve cover difference info:
Although there are many different valve covers for many different applications, there are basically 2 different valve covers : perimeter bolt valve covers, and center bolt valve covers.  The perimeter bolt valve covers were used on 97-98 Corvettes and 98 Camaros and Firebirds.  All other models used the center bolt valve covers.  On the perimeter bolt valve covers, the ignition coils bolt directly to the valve cover.  On the center bolt valve covers, the ignition coils bolt to a bracket, which in turn bolts to the valve cover.  This is to facilitate the removal of the valve cover when necessary.

Center bolt valve cover info: LSx Valve Cover ID

Core options:
"No Core Needed"-What this means is you will be sending in your valve covers to be coated.
"Yes I Need Cores"-What this means is that you will be purchasing the valve covers and the coating service.

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